About us

A Little History…

Having grown up as an MK (missionary kid) in the Philippines, Nate Horton was naturally drawn to missions. Though he didn’t understand the reason at the time, God had clearly called him into commercial art and graphics with a strong desire to serve in missions. He saw first-hand the printed materials that were used in missions.  Although printing technology improved, missionary materials seemed stuck in older methods.  After completing a degree in Commercial Arts in the mid-90s, Nate married Tamara, a short-term missionary. God took their passion for missions and desire to serve, combined with Nate's artistic talents, and used it to start Innovative Graphics and MissionaryPrayerCards.com in the year 2000. This company was launched with a focus on providing top-notch materials to missionaries around the globe. Believing that missionaries should represent God with the best, they made it their mission to provide access to the highest quality materials in the world.

As founders, Nate and Tamara traveled and encouraged their own children to travel around the world serving God. They have seen firsthand and understand the lives and needs of missionaries. Through the years, their family has shared meals with dozens of missionaries from across the globe. Their first two children have been on numerous short term missions trips. Their daughter, Florence, married Noah, who also comes from a family that loves and serves God in church and missions ministries. 

Where are we now?

As Innovative Graphics crosses the 20-year line, the Lord has led Nate and Tamara to join forces with Florence and Noah to see their original vision pushed to new levels. Florence grew up sitting in her dad’s lap helping him design prayer cards, and Noah is naturally gifted in business and finance management. With their added energy and skills, MissionaryPrayerCards.com is poised to expand rapidly to meet the needs of many more missionaries in the years to come.​